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The car is the first choice of every person after getting a nice job. Long road drives with family members and friends make us energetic and fresh. You can enjoy car learning with our driving school in Reservoir. We will make the car learning the most beautiful experience for you.

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Why Book Vicky Driving Instructors in Reservoir

Flexible Timings

Many people join Vicky Driving School. There are students, employees and even the businessmen. We organize different batches with flexible timings so that every person can take the benefit of our driving school. We teach you the car driving without disturbing your work schedule.

A Wide Variety of Cars

From small to big, we have many cars to make car driving a special experience. You can choose your favorite car and we will give you an excellent driving lesson in Reservoir. This will help the learners to drive any size of a car on the roads.

Safety of Learners

We see to it that none of our students get injured in the course of learning car driving. Vicky Driving School talented drivers always take care of the customers in the classroom and also on roads.

Quick License

Our driving school is a registered school and this point is beneficial for our customers. By joining our driving school, you will get the license quickly. Normally, it takes a long time to obtain the vehicle license.

What Choose Us?

  • Our drivers have taken many years of training which help you in gaining expertise in the car driving.
  • We conduct regular driving tests which will make you self-confident.
  • We provide regular classroom lectures in order to make you perfect in learning road signs and symbols.


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