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Stage One Learner

Stage One Learner training is for the complete beginners. If you are getting behind the wheel for the first time, we can help you with the basics of it and make you comfortable to start the car confidently.

In this learning session, we will teach you how to

  • Start the car
  • Operate the controls
  • Set the mirrors correctly
  • Reverse car efficiently
  • Notice other cars and drivers through the mirror
  • Drive comfortably in a set path
  • Stop the car

Stage 2 Learner

If you have a little knowledge about driving and want to extend your skill, we would recommend you Stage 2 Learner course.

In this training session, we will make you learn how to

  • Make left turns
  • Enter or exit roundabouts
  • Make U-turns
  • Park in parallel parking
  • Change lane
  • Follow the traffic signals and obey Give Way and Stop signs
  • Make 3 point turns/li>
  • Use 45degree and 90degree parking

For Driving Licence

If you have driving skill but don’t have a driving license, we can help you with this. We will test your driving skill and take you through some difficult on-road test to understand whether you

  • Can keep up with the traffic flow
  • Understand tram rules
  • Make hook turns
  • Can judge traffic gaps
  • Can change lanes smoothly on busy roads
  • Are able in parallel parking
  • Have navigation skills

Get in touch with us today for a customised driving lesson in the modern and well-maintained cars.

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