Professional Driving School in Essendon

Are you looking for the best driving school in Essendon? VDS Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Essendon who offer both manual and automatic lessons. We can help to learn or fulfill a legal requirement before you get your license

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Experienced & Professional Driving Instructor in Essendon

Our school meets specific guidelines and offers a particular amount of educational hours to train students in best methods. For first time drivers, smaller duration classes can be more comfortable and less stressful, while we also offer classes different from a basic driving.

The driving lesson is intended for experienced drivers and often focuses on defensive driving. These driving lessons are designed to reinforce the driving skills people already have and build on them with tactics that will make them a better driver.

We offer classes for teens; adult and older people who never learned to drive, but want to learn later in life. Sitting in a class filled with teens or adults is not always comfortable for older people, so the facility of separate classes is also available. It may make it easier for older people to focus on the classroom curriculum.

Students can choose any size car from our vehicles as per their comfort. VDS drivers are proficient in giving training in any type of vehicle.

Why choose us for Driving Lessons Essendon?

VDS Driving School instructors are experienced, trained and patiently teach you how to drive in a systematic way, when it is time for road training and practice instructors are always there with full safety measures; school also provides theory sessions to give appropriate knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.

Essendon driving lessons will normally be a full 60 min or any other length of time agreed upon between client and instructor; we guide learners to navigate their path through various situations or crowded areas safely. We provide clean cars in good condition; offer 7 days classes a week and weekly practice tests are also scheduled to check learner progress.

VDS Driving School in Essendon offers classes that will fit into all age group categories. Give us a call today to inquire about driving classes that fit your needs and your schedule.


You can either call us or leave a query on the official site. We assure to make you an expert in car driving soon. For more information, check our website.

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