Excellent Driving School in Strathmore

VDS Driving School in Strathmore believes in improving quality and range of driving lessons for new and professional learners. Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our clients. 

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VDS Lessons are Consist of Two Parts:

Theory and road practical, in theory classes instructor provide knowledge about hazard lights, road signals, traffic light and guidelines on safe driving. 

In practical classes, the instructor guides you about different vehicles and driving methods. 

How Strathmore Theory and Practical Can Help?

Both our schedule of theory and practical will help clients in skill development. There is a pre-evaluating test facility for clients that help in determining their level of growth. VDS Driving School in Strathmore offers different driving courses based on type of vehicles driving license courses. 

The time schedule is based on choice of vehicles, nine hours session needed for motorcycle in a week, twelve hours session is necessary for car driving lessons in a week. Truck and bus driving students have to go through a complete process that involves minimum one hours night classes. Classes timing and duration is based on the needs or requirements of clients. 

VDS instructors are trained, experienced and polite, if due to any reason you are not able to attend theory classes online lectures are also available. Training is also given in luxurious cars such as a Range Rover or Mercedes on special demand with additional charges. For deaf and mute people, driving school has special driving instructors, our instructors are certified to cater to the needs of deaf and mute people. 


Women can avail of special driving lessons delivered by female instructors in Strathmore. Let us know if you need any help or any query regarding theory and practical sessions. For any other kinds of information our staff is always ready to help you just you need to visit a website or pick a phone and say HELLO!

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