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We certainly feel it – the first time behind the wheels can make most of us nervous. While the newfound experience is amazing, it can be terrifying if you realize that you have total control over the vehicle. However, it is super easy to build up your confidence with the best guidance. So here we are to help you get this amazing feeling. We are among the leading driving schools in dockland and nearby locations.

VDS Driving School is a team of professional and experienced driving instructors, patient and friendly to help you overcome all the driving problems you face while learning. Along with that will help you in overcoming and tackling more challenging driving situations on road.

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  • We provide driving classes on all days of the week, especially for working people and college students.
  • Affordable driving lessons in all over Melbourne and nearby suburbs
  • No hidden charges and along with that we also give you extra class on the same fees if there is need of more training session than usual
  • Locally available teaching staff who are friendly and patient with all our students
  • Regular written tests and roads exams are provided by us to make the students expert in driving
  • We provide cost-effective driving packages covering all the essentials of driving
  • Quick lessons and Certified car driving courses


  • Ways to avoid accidents at day or night-time
  • How to drive and share the lane with trams
  • How to make complicated right turns, use slip-lanes!
  • Update defensive driving skills, local road law knowledge!
  • How to be confident, not fear changing lanes and improve your parking skills!
  • How to be careful about the speeding limits and head checks while driving
  • Freeway Driving lessons, Hook Turns/City driving
  • All about parking the car
  • Tips to become a confident driver


‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is really true. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more confident you come out to be. As you drive more often, you will encounter various difficulties on the roads. With practice, you will be able to overcome all these obstacles on your own. So, get ready to face those challenging areas to become a truly confident driver.

Driving Instructor in Dockland

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People who have achieved success are not more intelligent or skillful than others. What separates them is their burning desire and thirst for knowledge/Experience. If you have this thirst, are ready for the challenge, and searching for the best driving instructors Dockland, what are you waiting for then??? …..give us a call or send us a text message. We are always ready to help you in becoming the best of you on the road because we take the time and patience needed to boost your confidence level

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