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Car driving is extremely a simple activity to learn provided you learn it from a good driving school. If you are struggling hard to find a topmost driving school in Thomastown, you can contact us. We have been in this business from last several years. We provide high-quality car learning lessons to all the customers.

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Skilled professional Driving Instructor Thomastown

We have hired a team of professional drivers to teach lessons of car driving. From teaching you various road signs and other important rules, they will boost your confidence in the car driving. They have a valid license too. Vicky Driving School drivers have a friendly nature and can talk in various languages.

Affordable Fees

To make your dream of car driving come true, we offer cost-effective packages. You can choose the vehicle you want to drive. You can pay the charges per week or per day.

Classroom Lectures

Our driving school conducts regular lectures in the classrooms. Our drivers provide knowledge of various rules and regulations which every learner must know.

Practical Training

Our driving school provides practical training to every car learner on different types of roads. The practical learning will make the learners more confident in the car driving. They will not hesitate to drive on rough surfaces also.

Benefits of Our Driving Lessons in Thomastown

  • We consider the security of our customers while giving practical training.
  • We aim to give professional driving lesson in Thomastown at reasonable prices.
  • We accept both cash and credit cards.
  • The learners will get the license quickly by joining our driving school.


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To get a professional driving instructor in Thomastown, you can contact us by phone, email ID or giving SMS. We will deliver you the best car driving lessons.

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