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4 Tips to Drive a Manual Car for the First Time

Driving a manual car is always a struggle for people who are used to an automatic transmission. Unlike an automatic vehicle, manual cars have comparatively more controls (such as clutch and gear) that need to be operated correctly for a smooth driving experience. One small blunder and you’ll eventually end up stalling the car in the middle of the road. 

If it’s your first time driving a manual vehicle, it would be better to take professional driving lessons in Melbourne. But, there are several other tips that you should remember to smoothly drive a manual transmission. Let’s walk you through some of these tips so that you can also become confident while driving a manual car.  


Always Press the Clutch Pedal While Changing Gears

This one is quite obvious; every time you want to change the gear, you’ll have to press down the clutch first. Keep in mind if you don’t press the clutch, it’ll damage the entire gearbox and even stall the car. And, if you continue to do this repeatedly, you’ll most likely have to deal with an expensive repair at the end. So, make it a habit to always press down the clutch paddle before changing the gears in a manual vehicle. 

Release the Clutch Slowly

Another habit that’ll ensure smooth driving in a manual vehicle is the slow release of the clutch, especially if your vehicle is in heavy gear. Why? Because if you release the clutch too quickly, you’ll experience a sudden jerk, which may even cause the car to stall. Not to mention, this habit will wear out the clutch paddle and the other passengers won’t be able to enjoy the driving experience as well. So, always make sure to release the clutch slowly. 

Don’t Rest Your Hand on the Gear Lever Every driving school in Melbourne teaches this habit to its students. While leaving one hand on the gear lever may give you “fast and furious” vibes, it’ll only damage your vehicle’s transmission and gearbox. When you’ll keep your hand on the lever, it’ll experience unnecessary load and may result in hard shifting. 

Always Park the Car in First Gear

When driving a manual vehicle, people usually engage the emergency brake and leave the car in neutral. Even though it’s a good habit to always use the emergency brake, it’s quite possible that it may fail as well. In case your car is in neutral, the failed emergency brake will cause it to start moving, which may result in unexpected damage. So, whenever you park your car, make sure to leave it in the first gear. This way even if the emergency brake fails, your car will not move at all. 


Driving a manual car is not as straightforward as an automatic vehicle. There are too many things that you must keep in mind to ensure a smooth driving experience. The best way to become a skilled driver is to join a driving school in Melbourne and learn from experienced instructors. 


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