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5 Beginner Driving Tips to Drive Safely on the Road

Driving a vehicle for the first time is one of the biggest milestones in everyone’s life. You sit behind the wheel excited and slightly frightened and listen to your elder brother’s guidelines carefully before placing your foot on the accelerator paddle. 


While everyone is bound to make unexpected mistakes, in the beginning, there are a few tips you can follow to stay safe while driving a car for the first time. In this brief guide, we’ll share some of the most useful tips that’ll help you embark on your driving journey and become a confident driver. Whether you have joined a professional driving school in Melbourne or are learning from your brother, these tips will help you drive in a safe environment. 


So, without any further ado, let’s dive in. 


  1. Get Comfortable

As soon as you sit inside the car, the first thing would be to adjust the seat that suits your posture. The general thumb rule says that you should adjust the seat in such a way that your feet reach the paddles properly. After adjusting the seat, the next step would be to adjust the side mirrors carefully. If you are undergoing professional driving lessons in Melbourne, your driving instructor will teach you the basics of adjusting side mirrors properly so that you have a clear vision of the cars coming from behind. 


  1. Stay Calm

Many beginners tend to feel anxious on their first drive. While the initial nervousness is quite normal, you should not let it get to your mind at all. Stay calm and listen to every instruction of the instructor. In most cases, the driving instructors share a few beginner-friendly tips to help new drivers build the desired confidence and get past the initial anxiety. Even if you’re learning from your friend or brother, make sure to maintain your composure all the time. This will help you avoid unexpected accidents and stay safe on the road. 


  1. Choose the Right Location

As a beginner, you can’t directly go to crowded highways or unfamiliar roads. Instead, choose a road that has occasional traffic and is familiar to you as well. Driving on a familiar road is far safer than driving on a jam-packed highway. 


If you’re learning in a driving school in Melbourne, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right road. Driving schools usually have their own tracks where the instructors spend 1-2 days with a beginner and help him/her understand different dynamics of driving and build the initial confidence.


  1. Don’t Focus on Speed

As tempted as you are to press down the accelerator, don’t try to cross a safe speed mark. Stay within your limits and focus on improving your control over steering and braking. Once you’re comfortable with the steering, increase your speed gradually. However, it doesn’t matter where you’re driving, make sure to stay within the specified speed limits to avoid tickets and stay safe at the same time.


So, these are a few tips that’ll help a beginner driver learn different driving dynamics and improve his/her confidence in a completely safe environment.         

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