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How to Drive in Australia: Driving Tips for Foreigners

Whether you’re planning to visit Australia for a few weeks or want to shift there for a few years, it’ll be crucial to learn all the driving rules to stay safe on the road. Unlike the USA and several European countries, Australia has a right-hand side drive, which means the steering wheel is placed on the right side of the car. 

This means that it’ll take a few days to get used to the right-hand side drive if you’re from the USA or Europe. You can undergo professional driving lessons in Melbourne to get comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road. In addition to this, there are a few more tips that’ll help you drive safely in Australia as a foreigner. These tips include:

Always Stay on the Left

One of the major factors that a foreigner needs to remember while driving in Australia is to always stay on the left side of the road. Whether you’re driving on the roundabout or changing your car’s direction on a turn, make sure to instantly enter the left side of the road to stay safe. And, while overtaking other vehicles, you’ll have to be on their right side and come back to the left lane as soon as you’ve crossed them. This will help you stay safe and avoid unexpected accidents. 

Driver’s License

In Australia, you have the liberty to drive on a foreigner’s license for up to three months. If you’re planning to stay in the country for a longer duration, however, you’ll have to pass the state’s driver’s license test. To do this, you can join a professional driving school in Melbourne and learn all the driving rules that need to be followed in Australia. Your driving instructor will also share a few additional tips that’ll help you pass the test in the first attempt itself. 

Note: Keep in mind that if your driver’s license is in a foreign language, you’ll have to obtain its English translation and an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from your native country. 

Beware of the Wildlife

There’s no secret that Australia is famous for its wildlife so much so that you are most likely to see different animals wandering on the highway itself. That’s the reason why the road authorities have placed different “Koala Crossing” signs after every 5-10 miles on the road. 

If you see such signs, make sure to slow down your car and look on both sides to ensure that no Koala bears or other wild animals are crossing the road. If you see any animals, wait for a few minutes and let them cross the road. This will help you keep yourself and your vehicle safe. 

Top Up Your Gas Tanks Early on Long Trips

While planning a weekend trip with your friends, it would be better to fill up your gas tank with an adequate amount of fuel before it gets dark. Why? Because in Australia, only a few service stations stay open during the night. If you’re driving on the outskirts of cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you’re less likely to find any service stations. So, to avoid getting stranded on the middle of the highway at night, it would be better to top up the gas tanks early during the day. 


So, that concludes our guide on how to drive safely in Australia as a foreigner. Always remember, if you’re planning to stay in the country for a longer duration, it would be far better to join a driving school in Melbourne and take professional driving lessons from experienced instructors.

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